Acts 2:17

King James Version

17 And it shall come to pass in the last days, 

saith God, 

I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: 

and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, 

and your young men shall see visions, 

and your old men shall dream dreams:

I came upon a vile, supernatural attack the last THREE days.

For whatever reason, there was no organization to my thoughts.

After 61 blogs, that should have been effortless.

As born again, the HOLY SPIRIT guides me each moment.

I always pray to JESUS for strength, guidance, clarity, and courage.

He always sends His SPIRIT to teach me.

In those three days, I created three blogs, and over a dozen posts.

But I wasn't satisfied.

I could not give the LORD less.

I kept deleting the blogs.

"Something" was in the way.

"Something" was hindering me from creating the blog.

I wanted to warn you about FALSE teachings, and teachers.

So, it went on for three days.

Last night, I was so tired and sleepy.

I prayed for guidance.

I could do no more, save for what JESUS would want me to do.

Then, a lovely dream this morning gave the answers.

In that dream, I was sharing the gospel with my sister-in-law.

The "idea" came to tell her about the "UNFORGIVABLE sin"

I knew that came from the HOLY SPIRIT.

For it was on Him, by Him, for Him.

Now, I'm able to create this 62nd blog.

The dream gave me strength, and direction.

It dispelled the spirits that hindered my work.

Please welcome POWERFUL doctrine.

A blog I can finally fulfill, and fill.

After much, much heart work.

In this fallen world, only the SPIRIT of GOD can instruct us about JESUS.

SPIRIT is the ADVOCATE, after all.

John 14:26

Amplified Bible

26 But the [a]Helper 

(Comforter, Advocate, 


Strengthener, Standby), 

the Holy Spirit, 

whom the Father will send in My name 

[in My place, to represent Me and act on My behalf], 

He will teach you all things. 

And He will help you remember 

everything that I have told you.

Head over to the next post to know about THE powerful teaching from that dream.

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Published 29 October 2022


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